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5 Newsletters You Need to Sign-up For Now!



By Joe Byerly

I enjoy reading email newsletters! The small number of ones I subscribe to are great source of personal and professional development. They are written from people outside of my profession and introduce me to ideas, books, articles, authors, and concepts that I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

If you find you are looking for short doses of learning that don’t require wasted minutes and hours scanning social media platforms, check these out.

Mark Manson’s Mindf*ck Monday If you are a fan of the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, you will love this weekly email. Every Monday this newsletter includes 3 ideas worth thinking about throughout the week. He incorporates his humor into these weekly thought pieces and  I look forward to each one. (If you click the link to Mark’s page, scroll all the way to the bottom for the sign up box).

2- Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic and Reading list Email. The Daily Stoic email includes life advice based on the teaching of the Stoics. I’ve learned  a lot of valuable concepts through these emails. The Reading list email is a monthly list of the books Ryan reads. I hear about half the books I read from this email.

Farnham Street Brain Food. Touted as, “Noise-cancelling headphones for the internet”, this Sunday morning email includes random quotes, highlights from their website, and thoughts on books the editors are currently reading.

James Clear 3-2-1 Thursday. Once a week, James Clear author of Atomic Habits sends out an email with 3 of his insightful quotes, 2 quotes from others, and an idea he’s working through. These emails take less than 5 minutes to read and the quotes are typically worth writing down.

From the Green Notebook Reading List Email – I created this list in 2017, and when it comes to the blog, it’s the one thing I look forward to each month. It allows me to communicate directly to a much smaller segment of my audience (approx 2k people). Towards the end of each month I send out a list of 3-5 books that I’m reading with brief descriptions and why I’m recommending them. This practice has forced me to read a wider variety of books so that I can keep it interesting.

Do you have an email newsletter you enjoy, if so let us know about it!