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As a young officer I remember struggling to find books of value to read and I wished there was a resource available that was better than the military reading lists published by the various Services.

A few years ago I decided to step up and fill that gap by starting my own reading list. Each month I send out an email with a short description of the books I read that month. I typically cover 3-4 books that include history, fiction, leadership, biography, and any other random title I come across. So far, I’ve had over 2k people sign up to receive these updates!

Now, the FTGN team is taking it a step further by giving away the books that I read. Each month, we will pick a winner and send them one of the books from my monthly email list. Don’t worry…we will send you a brand new copy!

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“I look forward to your email each month, and actually count on you to do the legwork for me to find relevant, new, and or significant books to read.  I am a Battalion CSM and only in the past four years I started to make time to sit quietly and read.  Before then I did not appreciate the value of learning through books from past and present military leaders. Reading was not stressed by my leadership when I was a young and upcoming NCO.  You helped open my eyes and I am sharing and mentoring my NCOs.” -A Battalion Command Sergeant Major
“This month I have not heard of any of the books you mentioned, some months I have heard the books in other places and it helps me make a decision one way or the other if that is a book I want to read! Thanks for the lists!” –Joe B. 
“I continue to work with Scouts. I am always looking for better ways to examine the topic of “leadership” and bring those ways to my Scouts to challenge them and push them to become great leaders. Thanks for continuing to send out your lists, they are helpful to me.”  -Leader from Boy Scouts of America
“I love the book recommendations! Thank you for continuing to send out the monthly newsletter.”Carolyn C. 
“Your emails are refreshing to have an insight on your readings. I archive all of your emails in an opportunity to read a majority of your choices.” -Bryan M. 

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