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Each month, FTGN founder Joe Byerly shares his reading journey with thousands of other leaders who are interested in finding books that will help them become better leaders and better people.

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Over a decade ago, Joe figured out that writing helped him better understand lessons he picked up from experiences and reading. Now, Jack Hadley and his talented team of editors help leaders share their lessons on the FTGN Blog.


Every Sunday morning, Joe starts your week off with a short reflection to help you think about how you lead yourself. Each email has a book quote, a 2-min reflective post, and 2-3 questions to drive your reflection.


Joe dives into the notebooks of military leaders, authors, coaches, athletes, artists, and business leaders to find the lessons we can use to help all of us lead with the best version of ourselves.

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Origin Story

In 2013, Joe Byerly thought something was missing in his journey to become a better leader. He wanted to create a place where leaders could share their hard-won lessons and help each other along the journey. He started looking in the place where he captured his own lessons, quotes from books, and ideas for the future –his green notebook.

Today, FTGN is run by a team of passionate professionals who want to help others lead with the best version of themselves.

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