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Introducing Legacy Magazine

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While the content of From the Green Notebook is focused on the professional growth of service members, I love supporting those connected to the military who venture out to launch noteworthy initiatives. In this case, a group of spouses came together two years ago after seeing a need for a high-end publication focused on the lifestyle of military families. And from there, Legacy was born. The inaugural issue will be available in November, and after seeing this preview from military spouse, Stephanie Howell, I think it’s going to be a successful magazine and a great resource for families.

If you’re a spouse or service member interested in contributing to the magazine, click here.

What exactly is Legacy Magazine?

From their website: Legacy Magazine is a publication for service members familieLegacy Magazine_2s and their communities that operates from the premise that every individual is designed on purpose and for a purpose – with unique experiences, qualities, and strengths that can be used for the betterment of our communities. Through a strength-based approach, we incorporate elements of personal narrative, creative expression, and self-development to further equip and inspire individuals in their endeavors. We hope to offer the voice of a friend and mentor during times of celebration, transition, and growth. We believe truth is attractive and that individuals are hungry for substance and depth, amidst all the noise. Let us come alongside one another and encourage each other in embracing the season we’re in, while aiding in the sculpting and refining of our messages, missions, and professions.

For more information, check out the website at: https://www.legacymagazine.org