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Resources for Iron Majors and Company Grade Officers


By Joe Byerly

Company Command and S3/XO time are two critical seasons in an officer’s career, and one of the keys to being successful is to show up prepared. Below are three resources that leaders can tap into to help prepare ahead of time for these positions:

For Majors:

COL Ross Coffman’s Blog, ProDev2Go, is running an excellent series for Majors. I used several of his posts to influence how I approached my role as a Squadron S3. For those currently in S3/XO positions, I encourage you to share his ideas with your team and figure out how you can incorporate them to increase productivity and to improve the overall performance of your staff or your section.

For Captains:

The folks behind Platoonleader.net and CompanyCommand.army.mil have recently released a new podcast, Leaders Huddle. The podcast features former company commanders talking about topics ranging from training management to the development of new platoon leaders. They’re only four episodes in, but I think we are going to see a lot of great content from these young officers!

For Everyone:

And finally, if you aren’t following The Military Leader, you are missing out on some great  advice for leaders at all levels! Drew Steadman’s blog is one of my personal favorites and the questions he poses at the end of every post are perfect to generate discussion during LPDs or counseling sessions.

If you’re still looking for more, check out Blogs I Follow to see a more expansive list of great websites for professional development.

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