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A Professional Development Opportunity: Let’s #DefChat about Innovation


Last summer, a group of us from the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum wanted to try an experiment with professional development. We wanted to see what would happen if we built an online community-based professional reading program. Would people be interested? Would they show up? Would they stick around? Within a few weeks of announcing “A Summer with Grant”, 200 people from the active duty military, National Guard, and academia contacted us wanting to participate in the eight-week online seminar based on his memoirs. The demand was so high, and because there were only three of us working behind the scenes, we actually had to turn people away!   We captured pages of notes and lessons on our pilot program and had a blast in the process.

This summer we are at it again! We’re using live video and micro-blogging to put a new twist on professional development. On Monday July 20 at 7:00 PM EST, the hosts of Leadership on Tap will interview New York Times Best Selling Author, Ori Brafman via a live Google Hangout! We are going focus on how we can create a culture of innovation within in our units and throughout organizations in DoD. We will also run a rapid-paced discussion on Twitter using #DEFChat.

Ori Brafman is the author of The Chaos Imperative, coauthor of The Starfish and the Spider and the New York Times bestseller Sway. A renowned organizational expert, he regularly consults with Fortune 500 corporations and for the past three years has been working with General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to introduce chaos theory into the Army.  I’m a huge fan of his work and it’s easy to see how his ideas can translate into daily life in the military.

Talking to Ori will be Mike Skiff and Tristan Manning, the hosts of the new Leadership on Tap podcast. Their podcast focuses on beer and leadership within military organizations-two things that always go great together! They’ve interviewed Brigade Commanders, military bloggers, and even a Command Sergeant Major.

This is a great opportunity for folks to learn something about improving their organizations and connect with others who are equally passionate with the same mission. I hope to see you next week when we go live with our inaugural #DEFChat!

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2 thoughts on “A Professional Development Opportunity: Let’s #DefChat about Innovation”

  1. Sir,
    Currently reading Chaos Imparative (quite enjoying it too). Considering the principle of white space, looking to see what your thoughts are on how one can implement that at the company level. I have ideas of how, but looking to see what you (or others) think with a more experienced frame of reference. Thanks.

    Josh Bowen

    • Would enjoy hearing your thoughts on it! When I was in command, it seemed like we were constantly busy and there wasn’t much time for white space. You definitely got my wheels turning on that question.


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