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S3, Ep24: Knight Campbell- Go Outside!

S3,E15: Charles Feltman- The Trust Episode

Charles Feltman, author of The Thin Book of Trust  sits down with Joe and explains how trust is a competency that can be learned, improved, and practiced regularly. They also discuss Charles’ four assessment domains of trust (care, sincerity, reliability, and competence) and why understanding these domains is necessary for leaders to increase team cohesion and effectiveness.

S3,E14: Kyle Stark- Creating a Culture of Development

Kyle Stark joins the show to talk about his experiences helping professional baseball players and coaches develop their inner and outer game. Kyle shares how he navigated the tension between development and performance during his time with the Pittsburgh Pirates and gives leaders some insights into how they can drive a culture of development for the teams they lead.

S3,Ep13: James Kerr- How to Build a High-Performance Team

James Kerr, the best-selling author of Legacy, joins the show to talk about about the role leaders play in developing high-performing  teams. Joe and James discuss practical approaches, including  ancient practices, that leaders at any level can adopt to take their culture to the next level. Finally, James and Joe talk about the importance of self-awareness and why reflection is a key component before a person takes charge of an organization.