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S3,Ep28: David Gergen- How Great Leaders are Made

David Gergen, former White House advisor to four different U.S. Presidents and New York Times– best selling author joins Joe to talk about his latest book Hearts Touched With Fire: How Great Leaders Are Made.  In this episode David argues that leaders must take an inner journey to master themselves before leading others. He also shares what he learned working for Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton. After spending the last two decades sharing leadership lessons with his students at the Harvard Kennedy School, he now hopes to spread them more widely through his book and this podcast. 

S3, Ep 27: MAJ. GEN. David Hodne- Culture, Character, and Communication

The commanding general of the 4th Infantry Division, Major General David Hodne joins the show to discuss the lessons he’s learned shaping the complex cultures of the organizations he’s lead in the military. He shares stories about changing the way privates meet their drill sergeants on the first day of basic training, how character counts more than resume, and how he develops leaders in the 4th Infantry Division. Finally, he explains why communication is an important skill for leaders to develop.     

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