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Ep. 91: Ben Milligan- Special Operators, Innovators, and Underdogs

Ben Milligan, author of By Water Beneath the Walls: The Rise of the Navy SEALs, joins Joe to discuss the history of the Navy SEALs, how they influenced special operations in the US Military, and why their history matters today.  Ben also shares his inspirational story of how he researched and wrote this book (his first one) while working a full-time job and raising a family. 

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Meet Ben

Ben Milligan became a US Navy SEAL in 2001 and served until 2009. He is the recipient of the Bronze Star and other awards. A native of Indianapolis, he received a BA in History at Purdue University and an MA in International Relations at the University of San Diego. He currently lives in the Chicago area with his three sons. This is his first book. 

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