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Ep 86: Dustin Diefenderfer- Pushing the Limits of Your Performance

Dustin Diefenderfer, the CEO of MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab, joins Joe to discuss ways in which individuals can improve their overall performance through proper fitness programming, nutrition, and sleep.  Dustin also shares his leadership lessons from growing a company, while also balancing his mental well-being and his commitment to his family.

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Meet Dustin

MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab was founded by Dustin Diefenderfer to help individuals become more mentally tough, believing this is the key for them to reach their specific personal and professional goals. “Ever since I was young, I noticed certain people had something others didn’t. I wanted to know how they got it… and how to help other people get it. That’s why I built MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab. To be the best in the world at mental toughness…ultimately, so our customers can have a better life.”

Dustin’s areas of expertise include ultra running and mountain and hunting conditioning. Dustin has completed numerous ultra marathons and marathons, running 12 in one year to support his work in Africa. He has spent his entire life pursuing his passions in the mountains of the Western United States. “Hunting has always been my passion, and backcountry hunting has tested my mental toughness like nothing else. Without a doubt, it has made me a better man.”

Dustin is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. His overall philosophy is based on work ethic, grit, and helping his clients learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. “The goal isn’t to look fit; the goal is to actually be fit. Endurance and resilience is what we are after, and most importantly resilience of the mind. If you work for it, looking better will certainly happen, but forging an unbeatable mind is the primary objective. It is about training your mind so that it is on your side, not working against you.” (Bio courtesy of mtntough.com)