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Ep 78: Steven Pressfield- The Story We Tell Ourselves

Steven Pressfield returns to the podcast to discuss his newest book, Govt Cheese: A MemoirHe recounts his decades-long journey in “the wilderness”,  working as a truck driver, apple picker, and struggling  screenwriter, before discovering his true calling. Joe and Steven discuss the stories we tell ourselves when faced with failure and how hard work can be our saving grace. 

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About Steven (@SPressfield)

Steven Pressfield is the author of The Legend of Bagger VanceGates of FireTides of WarLast of the AmazonsVirtues of WarThe Afghan CampaignKilling RommelThe ProfessionThe Lion’s GateThe War of ArtTurning ProDo the WorkThe Warrior EthosThe Authentic SwingAn American JewNobody Wants to Read Your Sh*tThe KnowledgeThe Artist’s Journey, and A Man at Arms

His debut novel, The Legend of Bagger Vance, was adapted for screen. A film of the same title was released in 2000, directed by Robert Redford and starring Matt Damon, Will Smith and Charlize Theron.

His struggles to earn a living as a writer (it took seventeen years to get the first paycheck) are detailed in The War of Art, Turning ProThe Authentic SwingNobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t, and The Knowledge.

Follow Steven’s blog and check out his books at www.stevenpressfield.com

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