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S3,Ep32: Victoria Wellman- How to Become a Better Public Speaker

Victoria Wellman, the co-founder of The Oratory Laboratory and author of Before You Say Anything: The Untold Stories and Failproof Strategies of a Very Discreet Speechwriter joins the show to talk about the art of public speaking. Victoria and Joe discuss what people should know before they sit down to write their speech, tips for structuring, and considerations for delivery. She also shares some of the biggest mistakes people make when they stand up in front of a crowd and how to avoid them. 

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About Victoria (@ol_vicswellman)

She is the co-founder and President of The Oratory Laboratory, a boutique creative agency for public speakers based in Manhattan and servicing the world. She has crafted speeches for influencers, politicians, entrepreneurs, Olympians, NFL stars, astronauts, rap stars, artists, and activists, and has garnered media attention from The Today Show, Martha Stewart, CNN, NPR, NBC, ABC and CBS News. A professionally trained actress, Wellman lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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