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The One Thing I Wish I Would Have Known…


This summer many of you are changing out of position. We’ve got a question for you:

What’s the one thing you wish you would have known before you started the job?

We all have the one nugget of wisdom we learned the hard way that we wish we would have known before our name was on the door. It’s the thing that kept haunting us for two years. It’s the event we barely survived. It’s the problem that kept us awake at 3 am trying to solve. Or, maybe we didn’t figure it out and now we’re left with regret.

Regardless of whether you recently were a platoon sergeant or a division commander, we know that lesson is still fresh. Now is your chance to set someone else up for success!

In less than 500 words, tell us your #onething. Send submissions to our editor-in-chief, Dan Vigeant (Dan [at] fromthegreennotebook.com) by June 21, 2022. We will launch our #OneThing series in early July.

Don’t let that one thing get lost, only to be rediscovered by another leader…the hard way.

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