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S3,E15: Charles Feltman- The Trust Episode

Charles Feltman, author of The Thin Book of Trust  sits down with Joe and explains how trust is a competency that can be learned, improved, and practiced regularly. They also discuss Charles’ four assessment domains of trust (care, sincerity, reliability, and competence) and why understanding these domains is necessary for leaders to increase team cohesion and effectiveness.

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About Charles (@CharlesFeltman)

Charles Feltman has over 25 years of professional experience coaching, facilitating, consulting to, and training people who lead others. An overarching goal in all of his work is that his clients experience both success and well-being at work and in all areas of their lives. Prior to starting his coaching and consulting business he spent a decade in leadership roles in technology industry companies. Today Charles’ work is concentrated in two main areas:

Coaching Individual Leaders and Leadership Teams Charles coaches executives and managers who want to develop or strengthen the key leadership competencies that produce exceptional business results. These can include effectively influencing up, down and across the organization, creating strong alignment and commitment, building solid trust, generating innovation, leading high performance teams, and heading up change initiatives. In addition, he works with leadership and project teams that want to consistently produce exceptional results.

Leadership Development Programs Charles partners with client companies to design and deliver custom leadership development programs. These are unique to each client’s needs, culture and goals. At the same time, all programs are designed around the fundamental idea that organizations are networks of conversations, and the more effective leaders are at having the right conversations with the right people, at the right times, and in the right ways, the more successful their companies will be.

Clients include executives, managers and teams from Aerospace Corp., Calstar Air Ambulance, CareMore Health Plan, Cognizant, Comfort Systems, Designit, Genpact, Intel, Siemens, ST Microelectronics, SealedAir, Teichert Construction, UCSF, NASA, US National Park Service, USDA, Heifer Project International and The Nature Conservancy. Charles has also worked with clients in many small and mid-sized companies.

Charles is the author of The Thin Book® of Trust: An Essential Primer for Building Trust at Work, based on three decades of experience working with individuals and teams to build, maintain, and when necessary restore trust. After completing his coach training in 2000 with Newfield Network, one of the premier coach training schools worldwide, Charles served as a mentor coach for Newfield’s programs. In this capacity he taught, mentored and coached others who were learning to become skilled coaches. Charles holds a BA in psychology from U.C. Santa Cruz and a master’s in organization development and communication from the University of Southern California. He has an International Coach Federation credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC). He is certified in The Leadership Circle Profile, MBTI, DiSC Work of Leaders, and the Triscendance Trust Assessment for Leadership Teams. He is also a certified husband, father and grandfather. (Bio Courtesy of Insightcoaching.com)

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