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S2,E18: Jack Curtis- Our Differences Make Us Stronger

Recently retired naval aviator Jack “Farva” Curtis shares his thoughts on the importance of culture and why diversity of thought is needed to create winning teams. Additionally, he discusses the benefits of flattening organizations and reflects on why leaders should study ideas outside their area of expertise. Jack’s written several widely read articles over the years to include “The Map on the Wall,” “Let’s Talk about the Burden of Command,” and “Winning Cultures Worlds Apart.”

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About Jack (@JECurtis_WA)

Jack Curtis is a recently retired Naval Aviator. He grew up in Northwest Florida and was commissioned as an ensign in the US Navy upon graduation from the University of Florida in 2000.  He earned his wings of gold after completing advanced jet training in 2002. He completed operational deployments flying the EA-6B Prowler, in support of US and coalition ground forces, served as a flight instructor, and carrier air wing landing signals officer before transitioning to the EA-18G Growler. Jack earned a Masters degree from the US Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island before serving as an action officer with the Missile Defense Agency in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Most recently he served as the commanding officer of a Growler squadron.  This tour included a full set of pre-deployment training and a lengthy deployment to the CENTCOM area of responsibility onboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). Upon successful completion of his command tour he retired from active duty in October 2020. He is an avid writer and has had work featured in Forbes and Hook Magazine (the journal for carrier aviation). Jack is a co-founder of End Speed Group, a leadership and organizational culture consulting partnership.


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