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From Their Green Notebooks: A Short Essay Contest

By Joe Byerly

At From the Green Notebook, we believe that personal growth comes from reading (or listening), writing, and reflecting. Through this essay contest, we want to encourage you to use the podcast as a catalyst for reflection and writing, and provide you an opportunity to win a gift that will benefit your mind and body. 

Back in November, we launched the From the Green Notebook Podcast. Over the past nineteen episodes, I interviewed a diverse mix of writers, musicians, military leaders, and academics. Regardless of the guest’s background, the lessons they shared from their green notebooks are positively influencing my life; my hope is those same lessons are equally impacting you. 

In our latest episode, I interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page, and he shared an inspirational life-story with me, culminating with how he developed a form of yoga to overcome serious injuries and remain active well into his 60s. When asked if he would be willing to share his fitness app with our listeners, he didn’t hesitate. 

We teamed up with Diamond Dallas Page to offer you an opportunity to win a free year of the DDPY App. To make the deal even better, Steven Pressfield sent us signed copies of his newest book, A Man at Arms, to share with you, as well. 

All you have to do is listen to the podcast and write your reflections in an essay you’re willing to share with the rest of the FTGN team. We’ll select three winners to receive a gift bundle and publish the winning essays on the FTGN blog. We look forward to reading your thoughts! 

 Essay Contest Information

  1. Write a 400-600 word essay on the top 3 lessons you’ve learned from the podcast. You can pull from any of the episodes. Submissions are due by April 15th to Joe[at]fromthegreennotebook.com.  
  2. On April 17th, we will pick three winners and publish their essays on From the Green Notebook. We are looking for submissions that span multiple episodes and explain how you incorporated those lessons into your life.
  3. Winners will receive a one year membership to DDPY Fitness App and an autographed copy of Steven Pressfield’s A Man at Arms.