Season 2, Ep.4: Major General JP McGee- The Battalion Commander Assessment Program Results Explained

Jacob and Joe sit down with the Outgoing Director of the Army Talent Management Task Force to discuss the Commander Assessment Program. Major General JP McGee talks about the genesis of the program, the results and trends over the last two years, and shares how his outlook on talent has changed in the process.

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The Battalion Commander Assessment Program (BCAP) is the U.S. Army’s new process to assess an officer’s fitness for battalion command. Officers selected on the Lieutenant Colonel Centralized Selection List (CSL) are invited to attend the BCAP to continue to pursue battalion command.

During the BCAP, officers will take a series of cognitive, non-cognitive, physical, verbal, and written assessments. They will also conduct an interview with a panel of senior Army officers. Officer BCAP scores, combined with an officer’s standing on the CSL order of merit list will inform a new order of merit list.

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