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Feature Your Creative Content on From the Green Notebook


In 2021, From the Green Notebook is looking for leaders to unlock their creative potential. We all know that people do more than take meeting notes in their green notebooks. They also use their notebooks as outlets for their creativity. And we want to provide a space for you to share yours. We are launching a new page within the site specifically designed to feature creative content from short stories, to poetry, to artwork, to music. Explore your creative side and unlock new ways to think about the profession by expressing yourself through alternative means and mediums. If you can get it in a digital format, we can publish it on our site.

What we will publish on this page:

  • Short stories (both fiction and non-fiction) between 600-2500 words
  • Poetry
  • Artwork (If you can get in a digital format, we will publish)
  • Music (prefer MP4 format or Youtube link)

If you are interested in trying your hand at creative writing or artistic expression, or you believe you are ready to publish, please contact or submit your work to our Editor-in-Chief, Dan Vigeant at dan@fromthegreennotebook.com.