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Tattered Beans Coffee Company: Is This “Déjà Brew?”


By: Megan Jantos

When I first heard that a new Veteran-owned coffee company was hitting the market, I felt some major déjà brew.

American flags? Check. Military-themed coffee names? Check. Heroic troop photos? Check. Gives back to Veterans? Check. On the surface this company didn’t seem much different than any other #Vetbro coffee company. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Fortunately, discovering the unique value that Tattered Beans provides to Veterans, service members, and first responders didn’t require much searching. Tattered Beans combines the best traits of companies like Black Rifle Coffee Company and GoFundMe. Sites like GoFundMe enable anyone to raise funds for free. In the case of Tattered Beans, the funds simply go to a Veteran, service member, or first responder of your choice in exchange for boosting coffee sales from a Veteran-owned coffee company similar to BRCC.

I had the opportunity recently to interview the founder of this new company. After almost an hour phone interview with Jason Jean, Tattered Beans Founder, I could tell he felt passionately about helping those who serve their country. Still, I wanted to know more. So, I asked to speak with a Veteran who benefited from selling coffee.

That’s how I met Matt Miller. He too, felt skeptical about the coffee company’s intentions when his co-worker first mentioned it.

I’m hesitant when supporting organizations that claim to help Veterans because of previously publicized scandals where organizations abuse the money they receive, said Miller.

Miller took his time signing up to help sell Tattered Beans coffee. It wasn’t until he heard the pitch from Jean that he decided to commit.

“By the time [I met Jason] I was hooked,” he said. “Not only is it a good cause, but the coffee is downright delicious.”

Unlike other Veteran-owned coffee companies–and there are many–Tattered Beans gives cash money to those who need it. In fact, of each $12 bag of coffee the company sells, it only pockets $1 before passing the additional profit of $4 on to a person of your choosing.

“I like the fact that the money is going directly to the Veteran and you know exactly the percentage [they will receive],” said Miller.

Like more than 40 others, Miller registered with Tattered Beans and recently received his first check in the mail.  He said he plans to use his earnings to give back to fellow Veterans and their families who need it more than him.

Anyone wanting to buy coffee and support Veterans like Matt Miller can visit www.tatteredbeans.com for more info.

Megan Jantos is a communication advisor to military leaders and working women. She believes effective communication–a firm handshake or well-aimed bullet–can solve any problem. You can find her on Twitter @MeganJantos, crushing weights at the gym, or helping the nearest person unleash their potential.

This article represents her own opinions, which are not necessarily those of the Army, the Department of Defense, or the federal government.