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#AUSADigital: The Next Wave of Digital Leader Development


A decade ago the only place to go for leader development in the military was your local bookstore or one of the handful of professional journals. We had online professional forums, but accessing them wasn’t always easy. Then blogs came along. And sites like The Strategy Bridge, From the Green Notebook, and The Military Leader popped up. Anyone with a smartphone could access a wealth of written content on strategy, tactics, and organizational leadership.

And now the landscape is changing again. The next wave of innovative military leaders are using podcasts, live video feeds, and other mediums to bring professional development to the next level.

Do you want to catch the wave?

Join us at the AUSA Annual Meeting, October 8, 2018, 1330-1500 (EST) at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Room 204ABwhere we will explore new approaches to an age-old endeavor to develop future military leaders.

Megan Jantos, the Social Media Director for From the Green Notebook will lead a panel of experts who have distinguished themselves in the realm of digital leader development. John Amble, a former Army officer and co-founder of War on the Rocks, has edited and co-authored several books and forums dedicated to the study of war and warfare. He’s now at the Modern War Institute at West Point. Josh Powers juggles an Army career and the hugely popular military blog called The Field Grade Leader. He regularly hosts Facebook live professional development sessions featuring military leaders from across the Army. The team will discuss the use of multiple mediums for leader development.


If you’re looking for ways to incorporate technology into your leader development program or you want to maximize your personal development, come check us out!

Can’t make it in person? Watch us live on Facebook. True to the theme of this panel, we will broadcast from, The Field Grade Leader Facebook feed.

Help us make this the best year yet by submitting your questions before and during the event. Just use #AUSADigital via Twitter or Facebook. Megan and team will monitor the discussion to answer your questions.