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The 1,000,000 Lessons Milestone


In Ancient Rome, miliariums were stone obelisks that first appeared along the famous Appian Way and became central to the Roman road networks. They helped citizens get from one point to another, marking the distance traveled. Eventually, the idea of miliariums worked their way into our modern day lexicon and we now say that “milestones” are markers for significant events in our lives.

Today, we reached one of those milestones at From the Green Notebook. We surpassed 1,000,000 views. And each view represents someone’s captured lesson being passed on to another leader.

Since 2013, this blog has grown from the voice of a single person to a platform where leaders of all ranks have shared their thoughts on professional development, military leadership, and the importance of investing in others.

Thank you to every single contributor and to each person who shared, liked, and discussed the content on this site. It’s because of you we’re still influencing the Profession 5 years later.

So What’s Next?

We will continue to be a place where leaders can share their ideas and leave the Profession stronger and better than they found it.

Taking a quickly written thought from our green notebooks, developing it, and sharing it for all to read is nerve wrecking, but the payoff is worth it. We improve ourselves as military professionals by seeking clarity in our thoughts. We start conversations in offices across the military that can improve organizations. We set the stage for potential changes in our institution and improvements in our war fighting capabilities. And finally, we leave a legacy that will outlive any system we build our power point slide we design. If you have already taken the first step by writing some ideas down in your notebook, I encourage you to reach out and share them on in a professional publication or on one of the many great military leadership sites to include this one, The Military Leader, 3×5 Leadership, The Company Leader, and The Field Grade Leaderto name a few.

Thanks again for contributing to our mission of developing leaders one page at a time!


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