Lead with the best version of yourself.

That’s #NCOBusiness


Hey NCOs!

We recognize that it’s our NCO Corps that makes our military great. So, we’re running a series in September called #NCOBusiness. Every article will be for NCOs by NCOs and we’re looking for submissions!

This is a great opportunity to contribute and share your hard earned lessons with those coming behind you as well as those looking for some help.We’d like to hear from all the Services too, because you never know when your ideas will help a fellow NCO out in another branch of the military.

Want to contribute, but don’t know what to write about—Here are some ideas:

  • Integrating new Soldiers/officers into the unit
  • Preparing for schools
  • Self development
  • Leading Problem Soldiers
  • Making the transition to NCO
  • Lessons Learned on staff
  • Counseling
  • Balancing unit and family
  • Training or preparing for a training event
  • What is the one lesson you wish someone would have taught you before you……

Each submission should be between 400-1600 words.

And Don’t let “But I can’t write!” hold you back. We will work with you on edits to make sure your lessons are ready for publication. 

Send your submission to Fromthegreennotebook {at} gmail.com Deadline is August 30th.


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