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When Leaders Share Green Notebooks, Good Things Happen: Introducing MP Project Junto


I recently wrote a post for the Strategy Bridge in which I argued that networked communities of military leaders will play an increasing role in helping individuals prepare for the future of war. I believe that leader involvement in communities such as CIMSEC, Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, Military Writers Guild, and the CompanyCommand and PlatoonLeader Forums, greatly enhances self-development and assists leaders in honing their personal judgment.  Following publication, a new community came up on my radar: Military Police Project Junto.

Military Police Project Junto was founded by Major Erik Archer and Captain Ari Fisher, two U.S. Army military police officers with a passion for the profession.  Their goal is to connect MPs together in community in order to assist in developing leaders in order to advance the Regiment.  They currently have a FaceBook page, Twitter account, and a blog space in which they invite other MPs to contribute content.

Communities such as MP Project Junto offer extrinsic motivation for individual self-development, help individuals develop personal learning networks, and the constant interaction with other professionals help develop leaders develop critical thinking skills. If you are a member of the Military Police branch, know someone who is, or just interested in connecting with other professionals I encourage you to check them out.  Please help spread the word about this community by sharing this post!

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