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A Professional Development Opportunity: A Summer With Grant


**Update: Week 1 Recap

By Nate Finney and Joe Byerly

In the introduction to the Army Chief of Staff’s 2014 Reading List, General Odierno encourages leaders to “discuss, debate, and think critically” about the ideas expressed in the books on his reading list.  This summer, our goal is to give military practitioners that opportunity by launching a grassroots summer professional development program titled, “A Summer with Grant.” Few works have been so succinctly crafted to cover the aspects of leadership and military campaigning than Grant’s Memoirs – from his early education to the siege of Vicksburg to his victorious Overland Campaign exactly 150 years ago.

Beginning on June 23rd, a weekly themed discussion based on selected readings from the Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant will begin(here’s a link to a free digital copy). These discussions will be peer-facilitated, with various injections from instructors from professional military education programs.  The discussions will occur over the course of eight weeks on Google+, which offers a free downloadable app that allows participants to share their ideas in a small group setting via a private message board. Here is the general reading load, based on themes that can be gleaned from the book:

  • Week 1 (23 June): Professional Military Education – Chapters 1 & 2
  • Week 2 (30 June): How Experiences Shape Leaders – Chapters 3 thru 5
  • Week 3 (7 July): Leaders at War – Chapters 6 thru 15
  • Week 4 (14 July): Ethical Dilemmas – Chapters 16 & 17
  • Week 5 (21 July): Developing Strategic Thinking – Chapters 18 thru 31
  • Week 6 (28 July): Civil-Military Relations – Chapters 32 thru 40
  • Week 7 (04 August): In Command – Chapters 41 thru 50
  • Week 8 (11 August): Transition after Major Combat Operations – Chapters 51 thru 67

This is a great opportunity to not only read a literary masterpiece, but also discuss themes and topics that are relevant in today’s military.  While there is no expertise required to participate, we do ask that you read the material and be willing to share your thoughts and experiences within your online small group.  If you have questions or are interested in participating please email us at Read2Lead2014@gmail.com.  We will be sending out instructions on how to join soon!

4 thoughts on “A Professional Development Opportunity: A Summer With Grant”

  1. Come on!,
    Can we call for equal time on a good Southern general. We have more respect for Sherman down here.
    If you are going to hype Grant at least do it from the Mexican / American war period he is more interesting at that time of his life.
    Personally, being from Charleston my loves and interests center on the AWI or Revolutionary war periods of history and evolution of tactics.


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