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Our host Jacob Gawronski (and sometimes Joe) will extract valuable lessons from some amazing people for our first season. We will discuss the importance of habits, mentorship, life-long learning, mindfulness, and the effects of ego on a team.

Season 1 


Episode 1- And It Begins. An interview with Joe Byerly. Jacob and Joe talk about the podcast, the blog, professional reading, writing, and leader development.

Episode 2- Tattooed on Your Brain. Jacob and Joe talk with Michael B. McClellan about the habits he adopted to write his debut novel The Sand Sea. Under the mentorship of Steven Pressfield, Michael spent 12 years working on his book while being a full-time lawyer, father, and husband. Listen to this episode for insights on how to make time for that important project you keep putting off. Also, they will explore the role that mentorship plays in our lives.

Episode 3- Leading in the Moment (Part 1). Jacob and Joe interview Adam Robinson in this special two-part series. Adam is a rated chess master who was mentored by Bobby Fischer in the 18 months leading up to Bobby winning the World Chess Championship. He’s also the cofounder of the Princeton Review and his book Cracking the System: The SAT is the only test-prep book to have become a NY Times Best Seller. In Part 1, Adam talks with the team about being present with others, finding purpose, and overcoming depression.

Episode 4- Creating a Culture that Endures. In this special Veterans Day episode, Jacob sits down with Brigadier General Steve Marks, the Deputy Commanding General of 1st Special Forces Command, to talk about the importance of being a life-long learner, having goals and a purpose, balancing a career with a family, and how Marks’ mentors influenced him throughout his military career.

Episode 5- Leading in the Moment (Part 2). In the second half of Joe and Jacob’s interview with Adam, he covers a variety of topics to include great leader traits and why reading a book ten times is better than reading ten books once.

Episode 6- Knowing Your Story. acob and Joe sit down with Shannon Huffman Polson, author of Grit Factor: Courage, Resilience, and Leadership in the Most-Male Dominated Organization in the World. In this episode Shannon shares her experiences being one of the first female Apache pilots in the U.S. Army and offers advice to leaders on how men and women can work together to create strong cultures in their organizations. They also talk about the importance of knowing your story to develop grit when navigating uncertainty.

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