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LeadX Show

Leaders Huddle: EP0B2 Leadership in the Digital Age



Book Review: Tough as They Come by Travis Mills (Army Magazine)

The Evolving Art of Training Management (Army Magazine)


Book Review: Renegade Revolutionary by Philip Pappas  (U.S. Military History Review Journal)

Fiction Belongs on Military Reading Lists (Art of Future Warfare Project)

Harnessing Social Media for Military Power (War on the Rocks)

Preparing Soldiers for Uncertainty (Military Review)


How to Discover Defense Innovation (War on the Rocks)


The Lost Art of Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (Armor Magazine)

Maneuver Leaders, Self-Study, and War (Armor Magazine)

To Make Army Distance PME Work, Make it Social (Military Review)

Mission Command at the Company Level (Army Magazine)


Third Generation Leadership-Redux (Army Magazine)


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