Professional Development Corner




Many of my posts are about professional reading and self-study. Below is a collection of several posts to help you get started on the path to life-long learning.

How to Get Started:

Why Study War in the First Place

How to Get the Most out of Professional Reading

Studying Lessons From Past Leaders

Is it Okay to Publish as an Active Duty Soldier?…. Once you’re ready to get started, check out The Military Writer’s Guild!

Reading Lists:

A Great Fiction List

A Social Media Reading List

A Maneuver Warfare Reading List

A Great Summer Reading List

Van Riper’s Reading List

Institutional Self-Study Programs:

Australian Army’s The Cove

Websites to Bookmark:

The Military Leader

The Strategy Bridge

Grounded Curiosity

War on the Rocks

Small Wars Journal

3×5 Leadership


Leaders Huddle

Modern Warfare Institute

Military Writer’s Guild

The Dead Prussian Podcast

Tribe of Mentors Podcast

LEADx Podcast

Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell

Brigadier Mick Ryan’s 2017 Reading List– Because it Rocks!