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Interested in an LPD on Self-Development?


If you’ve been following the posts on this site or subscribe to my monthly reading list email, you know that I’m passionate about self-development through reading and writing.

I’m not interested in learning for the sake of learning, but learning to improve myself and the organizations I’ve served in. I’ve been able to turn this practice into a valuable tool that has helped me throughout the last decade of my career while serving in challenging operational assignments around the world.

I’ve learned how to develop a daily habit of reading, capture key insights, and how to find books and articles that are interesting and valuable to military leaders.

And I’d like to share my lessons learned with others.

Contact me if you’re interested in doing a virtual LPD. I can tailor the session to your organization. My email is: Joe.Byerly[at]fromthegreennotebook.com


  • Why leaders need to read
  • How to increase the amount of books you read
  • How to capture and retain key insights
  • How to select books worth reading
  • How to write for professional publication
  • Book recommendations depending on interests