Decisive Action Series


For two weeks in March of 2017 we ran a widely popular series on fighting decisive action. The posts ranged from the  conceptual to very concrete ideas for how we can improve our organizations and ourselves for the next war. Our contributors included a four star general, a couple of lieutenants, and several ranks in between. We also saw ideas from England, France, and Australia. The idea behind the series was to start a conversation about improving our war fighting proficiencies, and I think we were successful.

If you would like to contribute to the ongoing discussion, please email me at JByerly81@gmail[dot]com. I will gladly work with you to get your ideas out on the battlefield of thought!

How Will We Fight and Train to Win in a Complex World By General David Perkins

How Will We Train for a Hybrid War by Peter Apps

Decision Point Tactics and Decisive Action by Ryan Kranc

The Principles and Art of Sustaining Decisive Action by David Beaumont

Anticipating Transitions to Seize and Maintain the Initiative by Gary Klein

Preparing For Decisive Action by Jim Greer

The Survivability Mix by Remy Hemez

Winning the Fight to See by Alan Hastings

Somebody…Anybody…Revise the TACSOP by Jeff Meinders

Getting Intelligence to Move at the Speed of Decisive Action by Alex Morrow and Michael Dompierre