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Can Intellectuals Wear Muddy Boots?

Leadership in the Digital Age

What Happens When War Leaves Its Box?

[Guest Post] Be the Duck by Zach Mierva

Using Mental Models to Outthink the Enemy

The Evolution of Leader Development

[Guest Post] So You Want to Learn About Maneuver Warfare? By Jim Greer

The Ultimate Summer Reading List

Resources for Iron Majors and Company Grade Officers

[Guest Post] Surviving Headquarters Company Command by Scott Nusom

Look to the Past for Lessons

[Guest Post] Leadership Starts with….Love? By Thomas Meyer

[Guest Post] Curiosity: The Underrated Leadership Value by Kellie McCoy

This Ain’t the First Time We Cut the Grass: Innovation in the Interwar Period with Casey Dean

[Guest Post] Throwing Your Boots Over the Wire by Steve Leonard

[Guest Post] 31 Things Your Senior Rater Would Like You to Know but Probably Won’t Tell You by Dominick Edwards

The Luck Factor

Reflecting on Readiness

[Guest Post] Rifleman Dodd: It Should be on Your Bookshelf by Nathan Wike

Don’t be a Sisyphus: How to Lead Productive Teams

Professional Development Opportunity: The Future of War Conference

[Guest Post] Writing in the Military: The Problem of Time by Scott Shaw

Shrinking Army: It’s Time to Focus on the Why

The Evolving Art of Training Management with Dave Hodne


Reading in 2015

[Guest Post] Mentoring for Integration by Ray Kimball

Book Review of My Father’s Son

[Guest Post] Share the Colors by Dave Hodne

Where’s the Fiction? The Case for More Fiction on Military Reading Lists

[Guest Post] How Effective is Your Leadership Narrative? by Drew Steadman

The Art of Giving Negative Feedback

Who are You Calling a Minion? Leadership on Staff

Bridging the Divide: A Social Media Reading List for Senior Leaders 

How to Get the Most Out of Company Command

Harnessing Social Media for Military Power

Listen Up! Professional Development Through Podcasts

A Professional Development Opportunity: Let’s #DEFChat about Innovation

Want More Military Leaders Reading? Use the Pabst Blue Ribbon Strategy

[Guest Post] The Two Most Important Qualities of Followers by CDR Benjamin Armstrong

Singer and Cole’s ‘Ghost Fleet’: The Book Every Army Officer Should Read-and it’s fun (Book Review)

Three Truths About the Personal Study of War

On Senior Leaders and Social Media: An Interview with Brigadier Mick Ryan

Learning From Our Generals…When They Were in Our Boots

Marriage in the Military: Managing the Tension

When Leaders Share Green Notebooks, Good Things Happen: Introducing MP Project Junto

Preparing Leaders for the #Future of War: Leveraging Communities of Practice

Improving the Military with a Little Innovation

How to Enjoy Lobster in Newport: Preparing for the Naval War College

Writing in the Professional Military: I tried it and was not attacked by Sea Monsters


2014: Reflecting on Books

“I Want to Develop My Lieutenants, But…”

Turning Performance Counseling into Conversation

Levity in Leadership by Casey Dean

Preparing Leaders for Any Given Sunday

Defense Entrepreneurs Form 2.0: Veterans Poking Life

Don’t Be a “Water Bucket” Leader

Exit, Voice, and Innovation

No Details, No Paper, No Regrets

How to Avoid Making the Front Page of the Military Times

Finding the Path Towards Mission Command: An Exercise

When Your Orders Send You to the Basement

A Professional Development Opportunity: A Summer with Grant

Getting the Most Out of Professional Reading

Rise of the JO

The Power of Our Connections

A Letter to Junior Officers

Anti-Intellectualism and the Army: The Sky isn’t Falling…Yet

December 2013:

How to Lead with the Strength of Nelson

2013: A Good Year for Reading

November 2013:

Wives and the Military Profession

October 2013:

Think, Write, and Publish: An Army Captain’s Perspective

Leaders are Readers

How to Host a Military Conference

A New Way Forward- Professional Military Education w/Nate Finney (Featured on the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum Blog)

Leader-Made Climate Change

September 2013:

Leader Development Part 3: The Ends, Ways, and Means

The Friday Safety Brief Must Go!

Leader Development Part 2: The Maker’s Motto

Leader Development Part I: The Leroy Jenkins Model

A Leader’s Legacy: What Does Your Recruiting Poster Look Like?

A Charge To Veterans No Longer in Uniform

BEWARE: The Pitfalls of Success (Featured on Defense Entrepreneurs Forum Blog)

August 2013:

Let’s Quit Going into Debt with Our Families: Time Management for Leaders

The Power of a Note

Got the Sequestration Blues? Grab a Map!

Tired of Damon and Masengale? What Two Polar Explorers Teach Us about War and Leadership

Junior Leaders, Teddy Roosevelt, and Defense Entrepeneurs Forum

“A Way” to Develop a Toxic Leader: How We as Leaders Create Our Own Monsters

 The Guy Behind the Guy, Behind the Guy: A Case for Taking Our Roles More Seriously

Flattening the Decision Cycle in Tactical Units

2 responses to “Archives

  1. LTC A. Barth

    Excellent musings and advice. Well received and appreciated on my end. I’ve been an officer for 16 years and learn something every single day…most of these things I wish I learned a day earlier. Keep writing – your work is enjoyed.

  2. LTC Barth,
    Thanks for the note!

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