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“I Want to Develop My Lieutenants, But….”



In the numerous conversations I have had with current and former company commanders, the phrase “I want(ed) to develop my lieutenants, but…” comes up a lot.  As always, the intention is always there.  Most company commanders want to set time aside on a recurring basis, but the burdens of command gets in the way.  Many feel that there are so many competing requirements that there is never enough time to develop a quality program or session that young officers will feel is valuable.  To help current and future commanders avoid the word “but” in conversations about leader development, the team behind Company Command and Platoon Leader professional forums has created mini-digital LPDs that commanders can quickly incorporate into their development programs with little effort.  Here is a quick explanation from their website:

The CC/PL Team has developed a “Hip pocket” digital LPD to support leader development programs at the company/platoon level. The concept is to provide a ready to go, mobile friendly LPD that can be executed anywhere providing the user has a smartphone or tablet, and has wifi access or a data plan.

Using a file hosting service, we provide content for discussion that includes a short video, related article and some recommended questions for discussion. This is designed for mobile platforms, though it can be used on a regular computer.”

I have used several of these quick vignettes to keep my boots close to the ground while studying at the Naval War College. It’s very easy to become enamored with Clausewitz, and forget about the daily problems that tactical leaders face.  The questions provided with each video enables commanders to engage in quality conversations that will aid in not only in the development of subordinates, but also in furthering trust-the cornerstone of mission command.  If I would have had a product like this in command, I  definitely would have used it on a regular basis.

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